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The Warehouse Studio

4 studios on 3 floors of heritage wood and brick on the southeast corner of Powell and Columbia.

Built in 1886 as a supply warehouse and wholesale grocer but pressed into service as city hall, jail and morgue after the great fire of that same year devastated Vancouver.

Saved from the wrecking ball and a future as a parking lot in 1988, the Oppenheimer building was restored, structurally upgraded and reborn as The Warehouse Studio in 1997.

The finest vintage analog fused seamlessly with the most up to date computers and software.

Bathed in natural light, finely tuned rooms that don't feel like you're inhabiting a laboratory.

Our staff make it all work, mics and recorders and effectors are exciting and flashy but great staff is invaluable, our greatest asset. We grow our own here, a culture of experienced people that care.