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So you want to work at a studio.......

Depending upon where you are in your career you may be looking for advice on which recording school to attend. We don't have a preference. It really doesn't matter to us which school or institute or college you go to. Are some schools better than others? Probably. In the end does it really matter? Probably not. A good attitude and hard work will get you farther than the diploma that you're paying for.

If you do go to recording school make sure they teach you the difference between timecode and digital sync, they're not the same, you'll need to know that. Go and learn the basics get the most out of the school you're paying for. Pay careful attention on the day they teach you to make coffee.

Engineering is about more than knob twiddling and mic placement, it's about making people happy, giving them what they want. Most of, if not all of the credit will go to the artist. Don't do this for the credits or fame, you've gotta love it and be good at it or it's not worth the struggle and in the end you'll hate it.

You might already be a great engineer because you learned so many great things at school or you've made loads of records in your basement but we only hire interns and runners. All of our assistants and engineers are home grown. They've learned the ropes and paid their dues with us. We know they know what they're doing because we taught them how to do it and we've known them for a long time. Reassuring isn't it? Our clients thinks so.

What's it like working at the Warehouse Studio? We have good days, bad days and other days. The difference here is the days are long. How long? About a week. If you're into having evenings and weekends off this isn't the place for you. This is a job, career and a lifestyle.

You need a car to work as a runner. Runners get the food and take care of everyone. They're the most important person on the session and if they're good the most popular.

Assistants are like air traffic controllers, they keep everything running smoothly. They're the most important person on the session (see the trend?), often under appreciated and if they make a mistake bad things can happen.

What about pay? Interns make nothing, runners make some, assistants make more. It's never enough but it's more than some places. If money is really important to you this probably isn't going to work out for you. Go work at a bank. Right now it's about learning. Patience. If you're good enough and you can hustle, the money will come. Probably. Hopefully.

There's been some doom and gloom about the music business lately. It's hard to refute, things aren't what they used to be. No matter what happens though, there will always be jobs for the best and the brightest and the luckiest. Sometimes being in the right place at the right time is more important than anything.

We get dozens of resumes each week from all over the world. We accept only a few interns each year. It's a tough business to get into and even tougher to succeed in.
We put a lot of time and effort into the people we hire. Internships give us a chance to get to know you and you get to understand our expectations.

We get a lot of email and phone calls from people asking for advice, they tell me that they love music and it's their dream to make, record or produce music. It's important to follow your dreams but this isn't a dream it's a business. Even for those at the top it's hard work. Sometimes it's a nightmare.

The best advice I can give you is make some careful, sober considerations. Is this a business you can make a living at? Think about other things that you love, do you ever consider making that your business? If in the cold light of day you think you can be better than the rest and do whatever it takes no matter what....then go for it. Don't look down and don't look back.

So now you've read all this and you still want a shot at it? Make contact. Email your resume and cover letter to:

jarbs at warehousestudio dot com

Tell us about yourself. Tell us why we should hire you. What can you do for us? You might not hear back right away but keep trying.